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UechiRyu Zankai Training Sabbaticals at Nagahama Dojo

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Training for visiting students takes place mostly during my school summer break, from late July through most of August. It's also possible to coordinate training sabbaticals for the few shorter breaks I have during the year from my school-teaching duties.

If you are interested in training in the Nagahama Dojo or any branch, let me know as far in advance as possible so we can initiate proper protocols.

Training fees differ between members and non-members. Members may lodge in the dojo; non-members will find accommodations in the local area. Be sure to make reservations for your accommodations far in advance, as the hostels and minshuku are usually packed with visiting divers from Mainland Japan.

When I am home on my school breaks, training sessions take place generally three times daily (morning, afternoon, and evening).

In response to inquiries, I created several schedules to cover training at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced student levels for those visiting the Nagahama Dojo.

Some schedules are for one-per-day 1.5- to 2-hour sessions in case I have school duties and can only teach in the evenings, in which case the visiting student will have to lodge at the local hostel or elsewhere. Some students visit Okinawa for only a few days, and everybody wants to get the most out of their training time here.

Other schedules are for two or three sessions per day, for students lodging in the dojo during my school breaks. In their case, I provide a set of directions for training and lodging so they can get maximum from their stay.

We are happy to meet and share information with any friendly visitors. However training is generally reserved for members and aspiring members (normally, we do not teach those who are not our students). Exceptions can be made – please outline your request...

1- to 3-Day Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Training

1- to 3-Session Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Training

5- to 7-Day and 6- to 10-Day Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Training

5- to 7-Session and 6- to 10-Session Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Training

12+ Days Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Training

12+ Sessions Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Training

If you're interested and one of these schedules fit your needs, let me know and we'll start planning together.

Sumako's yoga class is on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning -- if you wish to attend, let us know.

If you prefer to talk with someone near you or in your region who has trained with the Zankai on Okinawa, let me know and I'll get you in touch. He might even be someone you know.

Or if you prefer, please contact me via the messenger service at the bottom of my website's front page.

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